Sneak Peek of a USNBE Entry…

This is a sneak peekĀ of a Chamaecyparis pisiferaTsukumo‘ that I am entering into the 3rd US National Bonsai Exhibition in NY next month. I’m still working on tweeking it, but I got the custom table today, which was made by Jerry Braswell. I finally settled on which accent planting and jita I would use to accompany it. A little more tweeking and it’ll be really sweet… so this is just a sneak peek for you all. I’ll be sure to get better photos before it actually goes.

Eric will be giving his own sneak peek of the tree he had accepted later in the week (when I can get a good photo).

Enjoy! And if you love the stand look forward to seeing a more detailed look at how it was built by Jerry.



US National Bonsai Exhibition Entry by Victrinia Ridgeway

A couple little cuties…

In an effort to share something that ISN’T a larch… I thought I would share a few photos of some of my shohin trees.

First up… a sweet little imported Zelkova from Japan. I picked this up from Lisa Kirk of Telperion Farms. I’d been long admiring it, and had to have it. I don’t have many truly deciduous trees of my own, those tend of be Eric’s purview… but this is a great favorite of mine.

I picked this zelkova up last fall, and have since trimmed and repotted it. It is leafing out now, and I look forward to sharing it again in better leaf.

Next up… A shohin Shimpaku juniper I got from a Golden State Bonsai Federation (CA) convention a few years ago. I have been growing it out to get a denser crown, and I repotted it into a 3.5 inch Sara Raynor pot. It’s ready to get some detail wiring to give some interest to the foliage… but I thought I would show it anyway as a kind of preview.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my little treasures!

Kindest regards,