A couple little cuties…

In an effort to share something that ISN’T a larch… I thought I would share a few photos of some of my shohin trees.

First up… a sweet little imported Zelkova from Japan. I picked this up from Lisa Kirk of Telperion Farms. I’d been long admiring it, and had to have it. I don’t have many truly deciduous trees of my own, those tend of be Eric’s purview… but this is a great favorite of mine.

I picked this zelkova up last fall, and have since trimmed and repotted it. It is leafing out now, and I look forward to sharing it again in better leaf.

Next up… A shohin Shimpaku juniper I got from a Golden State Bonsai Federation (CA) convention a few years ago. I have been growing it out to get a denser crown, and I repotted it into a 3.5 inch Sara Raynor pot. It’s ready to get some detail wiring to give some interest to the foliage… but I thought I would show it anyway as a kind of preview.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my little treasures!

Kindest regards,


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